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Our Features

Live fleet overview

View the map with all vehicles shown in real time with information and other alerts

Quick dispatch

Any address or point of interest can be displayed on the map to quickly find a customer location.

Important alerts

Vehicle alerts can be shown directly on the map, in the vehicle list and on the moving vehicles.

Valuable reports

Detailed trip and idle time reports make it easy to follow up vehicle usage to improve efficiency, verify customer requests and corporate policies. Easy implementation

The application is offered...

About The MultiTrack Platform

MultiTrack is a real time GPS tracking platform. The platform supports multiple tracking devices for a wide range off applications, such as vehicle tracking, asset tracking and personal tracking. Multiple communication methods are also supported, including SMS, GPRS/3G and Satellite. MultiTrack Vehicle Tracker is a real time GPS tracking application with a web interface, built on the MultiTrack platform with support for tracking, reporting, flexible event rules, etc. The MultiTrack API lets you extend the platform functionality while maintaining the integrity of the platform. This gives third party developers and end customers the tools to integrate MultiTrack with other systems in a controlled way making seamless platform upgrades possible

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